How to send and receive Email in WordPress with Gmail SMTP Server

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How to configure sending and receiving of an email on WordPress? Configure Gmail SMTP on WordPress site.

Problems sending and receiving email on WordPress
Error's for sending emails and lost password

Final output

After setup up Gmail SMTP mail server to WordPress site, you would able to send and receive and emails on WordPress site. e-g Contact us form, lost password email etc.  

Final output after gmail SMTP configured successfully
After Gmail SMTP configured successfully.

By default WordPress does not provide email sending and receiving feature. Even if you lost your password, it would give an error message when you try to recover the password.

Here is simple step to follow to configure or setup Gmail SMTP mail server on WordPress site, so you can send and receive an email for your WordPress site.

There is a plugin named as Post SMTP, the best about this plugin is it is configured Postman with admin gmail and email log would be send to your email address. 

Let’s get started 🙂


1. Login to your WordPress site and search for ‘Post SMTP’ plugin then install and activate it.
Install and Activate Post SMTP plugin
Install and Activate Post SMTP plugin

2. Setup SMTP on your desired gmail account.
Note: This step is very important. If you don’t know how to setup SMTP on gmail then read this article and resume from the next step.

3. After set-up your gmail SMTP now configure Post SMTP plugin. 
Post SMTP -> click on ‘Start the Wizard’
Then we have to complete 6 steps to complete configuration of Post SMTP.

Start wizard for Post SMTP plugin
Start configuration

4. There are 6 steps to completely configure plugin.
4-1. Do you want to import configuration from another plugin?
4-2. Who is the mail coming from? Write Email and Name you’d like to send mail as.
4-3. Mail server hostname? In our case it is gmail write

Mail server hostname set as gmail
Mail server hostname for gmail is

4-4. How will the connection to the mail server be established?
Your connection settings depend on what your email service provider offers e-g.

For Authentication choose username and password option

Connection to mail server
Connection establishment

4-5. Enter your username and password 
username will be gmail email to which you were setup SMTP.
4-6. Choose option for notification in case email is failed to deliver

enter username and password
Enter email and password

Finally after successfully configured Post SMTP plugin just go to main menu and click on Send a test mail and if it worked perfectly then the status would be success

Congratulations now you can send and receive emails on your configured gmail email address 🙂

Success response on test email
Success response when test email

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